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The school campus in equipped with a wide range of facilities for the all-round growth and development of children of all ages. The school campus is divided into landscaped areas, playgrounds and institutional infrastructures and provides a healthy and stress-free learning environment for children. Our classrooms are well-lit, airy and separate play grounds for junior and senior students. We have enough water coolers for drinking water.
We have a well-equipped first aid center with experienced staff. We provide medical facilities to all students and also maintain records of their health on cards which are issued to the parents. Regular medical check-ups are organized by the school to ensure good health and well – being of student. We have a full- fledged security system in place on the school campus. The main entrance gate along with other gates to the school are manned by well-trained security guards. Our CCTV system monitors the campus through an array of cameras. We ensure that children of the school carry their ID Cards while in the school. We restrict entry into and exit from the campus through an effective system of control and we are very particular about children leaving school in the middle of a working day for pressing reasons put forth by parents / authorized Guardians.